Cares Objectives
(General & Specific)

█  To create a standard coronary angiography and PCI database tool for continuous quality measurement useful to both country-wide studies and to individual hospitals seeking to improve quality of care & allow standard comparison with local and national practice patterns (i.e: no matter how to choose a hospital when seeking cardiac care since the involved hospitals will be kept anonymous in the publication process) :

■ To evaluate the prevalence of significant coronary artery disease in patients referred for coronary angiography, and compare the severity and the extent of CAD to international figures.

■ To assess the current practice of treatment decisions based on coronary angiography, e.g: the rate of referral to CABG in patients with triple-vessel CAD....

■ To assess the rate of unnecessary coronary angiograms, i.e: rate of normal coronary angiograms in patients suspected for ischemia.

■ To evaluate the incidence of early and late major cardiovascular events, such as fatal or non-fatal events of late stent thromboses, and their precipitating factors.

■ To evaluate the incidence of major non-cardiovascular events, such as renal failure requiring dialysis.

■ To evaluate the incidence of repeated revascularization, and the factors related to it.

■ To assess long term costs of different PCI strategies and recommend those with proven evidence and cost-effectiveness

(i.e: Long-term cost-effective use of drug-eluting stents versus bare-metal stents).

■ To assess the impact of planned and unplanned delays before PCI procedures (e.g: payment issues in non-Saudis).


█  To evaluate practice trends in the use of various PCI technologies, such as drug-eluting stents, IntraVascular UltraSound (IVUS), vascular closure devices,..etc.


█  To foster collaborative interaction with other cardiovascular outcome assessment projects


█ Develop hypotheses for future research sub-studies.