CARES "Coronary Angiography Registry and Evaluation in Saudi Arabia"  is a national medical registry of coronary angiography and PCI in all major geographical regions of Saudi Arabia, with a main goal to assess the prevalence of significant CAD in all patients that get referred for coronary angiogram and determine its indications, in addition to determining the short term and long term clinical outcome and complications of PCI.

The study will require filling an electronic Case Report Form (CRF) through this web-site over a 1-year period as the starter phase.

Each PCI-patient will be subsequently followed up clinically up to 3 years for clinical outcomes and complications of the PCI procedure.




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Patient Care

Information from registries is increasingly used to evaluate the process of care and patient outcomes.

Data collection on patients undergoing cardiac procedures is essential to improve the quality of patient care and the efficient use of resources in cardiology practice. Accordingly, clinical data related to patient care and outcome before and after these procedures are collected in many cardiology units worldwide.

Preliminary data from the Saudi Project for Assessment of Coronary Events (SPACE) Registry in patients admitted with acute coronary syndrome suggests that the rate of coronary angiogram is 63%, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is 40%, with drug-eluting stents use of more than 90%. Thus, the need of CARES comprehensive database as a well-advanced electronic registry is established as unsurpassed quality measurement tool for our medical sector procedures as well as a professional evaluation of our patient care & outcomes.

Our Objectives

► To create a standard coronary angiography and PCI database tool for continuous quality measurement that will be useful to both country-wide studies and individual hospitals  seeking to improve the quality of care & allow standard comparisons with local and national practice patterns .

► To evaluate practice trends in the use of various PCI technologies, such as drug-eluting stents, IntraVascular UltraSound (IVUS), vascular closure devices .. etc.

► To foster collaborative interaction with other cardiovascular outcome assessment projects. 

► Develop hypotheses for future research sub-studies ..... Read More

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